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B.L.I.T.Co. recognizes the need for Trucking Companies and Truckers to have a place to do "One Stop Shopping". Our site was created to provide all your company and individual trucking/logistics needs. We have searched the internet for valuable links and information and have placed them all right here for you. No need to search yourself...we have taken that effort into consideration when creating our site.

Our main focus is to provide you with the above links to transmit your manifests quickly and easily without having to pay for specially designed software. Use AESDirect to file your Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) to the Automated Export System (AES). Wth this link you can register, view tutorials and training guides and you can log directly in to transmit your data.

We hope that you enjoy this site and continue to vist. We only ask that you bookmark our site, forward a link to our site to your trucking friends and please feel free to provide feeback, request any additional links to information, report problems and just have a great time.

Also, for Southeastern Michigan Logistics/Trucking companies, we can provide computer support and repair services. Support includes: network connectivity, hardware, software, all computer related questions, problems, click our->Computer Repair Services link for more information.

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Layover.com - state information & resources for truckers

Roadmaster - trucking information recources center

eTrucker.com - everything trucker

Truckstop USA Link - your information center for the Trucking, Portal Industry

Truck Info.net - message boards, trucking jobs, find freight

Truckers Report Link Trucker News & announcements

Trucking News - continually updated from sources all over the net

NTTS Truck Repair Link - search for repair services nationwide Truck & Trailer breakdown services

Road Trucker - Trucker Weather Forecast web site

Midnite Trucking Radio Network - Your national clearinghouse of information, thoughts and opinions of the American Truck Driver.

Discovery Channel's Pick of the World's 10 Best Truck Stops!

CDL Jobs - job source for drivers, blogs, news

Life on the Road - Blog site

Shaffer Trucking Million Mile Club

Trucker Hub - find a job, trucking companies

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